Wednesday, February 24, 2010

back in action..........

I finally got my home computer hooked up and running after 2 months, moving sucks! I haven't posted anything in a while mainly because I have been so busy at work. Motorsport has had record numbers these past few months and we have been growing and expanding everyday. Crazy, I feel so blessed for the business we have had. I haven't had time at work to even think about anything fishing related, kinda sucks. Even though we have been busy at work doesn't mean I haven't been fishing.... I have spent time at Pyramid, Little Truckee, Trinity River, East Walker, Hot Creek and Arrowhead. I have also spent a lot of time behind the vise. I need to get my camera dialed in a little better, sorry some of the pics are blurry. Here are a few shots of what I have been up too......

Scud Patterns.....

This Arrowhead Trout fell for one of my streamer patterns....

Pyramid Midges.........They love Red!

One of the Locals looking for a meal...

Arrowhead Bows.

Trinity's Chromie

After a Long hard day of missing fish and catching browns, I finally got one with the help of
Dave Neal from reel mammoth adventures!

Its kinda hard to get a fire going in the rain with soaking wood on the banks of the Trinity!
But, we got it!

Larry with a Wild Buck!

An evening session at Pyramid!

The Jeeps did good on this road trip!
Now that my computer is rolling I will be keeping more up to date reports.

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