Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cold weather is pushing up the trout! 12/6


With Fall in full progress and winter coming its making for cold nights. Thanksgiving brought the first real snow fall of the year with a few inches accumulating. The cold weather brings the trout up to the surface and makes for good fly fishing. I went down to the local lake on Saturday and casted an intermediate sinking line and first cast hooked a trout. Lost it half way through the fight. I then hooked 4 more and landed 2 within half hour and headed back up the house. I used a chartreuse and white streamer that I tied. My rod was a 7 weight TCX Sage with Rio line and leader tied to 7lb Blackwater Flouro. Sunday I went back down there with my dog for another half hour session and again landed 2 more trout on the same setup before I headed home. I only live a couple minutes of walking to the lake from my house . It was cold as the storm is coming in and supposed to bring snow most of the week! I believe after this week the trout will be on full chew for the rest of the winter on into spring! If you want to come up for a day or half a day me or my other Guide Greg will take you out. Please email if you have any questions. Our website will be up and running soon.

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