Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 18th

My buddy Greg and I spent the day on arrowhead in search for the local small and large mouth bass that rule the lake.... It was the first real day we searched for bass this year. The water has warmed up to 55 and the bass are starting to come out and get into pre spawn mode. I ended up with 2 Larges and 4 smallies while Greg landed 2 larges and 2 smallies. We had a blast and remembered how fun it is to catch these bass on the fly after the long winter. I cant wait for the weather to get better and turn these fish on. The new Ranger boat I got makes the fishing so much fun. It is so easy to creep into spots that I couldnt ever fish before for some reason on another. I can litteraly fish anyspot on the lake! Here are a few pictures of the fish we caught

First Bass Of the Year!

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